Alec Ash

These are the longform articles I am reading right now (updated automatically via Instapaper):

Why the Godfather of A.I. Fears What He’s Built

Hasan Minhaj’s “Emotional Truths”

The Grievance Artist | Mark Danner

‘Europe Whole and Free’ | Timothy Garton Ash

How to Deal with the Chinese Revolution | China Books Review

Black Swan Times | Tim Judah

The Mind: Less Puzzling in Chinese? | Perry Link

Inside Sam Bankman-Fried’s Family Bubble

Li Ziqi’s Online Pastoral Poetics

China’s Selfie Obsession


A BBC Book of the Week

"A talented young observer of today’s China" – Peter Hessler

"Lyrical ... a telling portrait" – Washington Post

"Alive with the full complications of truth" – Evan Osnos

"Compelling and beautifully written" – Prospect