Alec Ash


These are the longform articles I am reading right now (updated automatically via Instapaper):

The Morality of Journalism | by Janet Malcolm | The New York Review of Books

Going Unconscious | by Jonathan Miller | The New York Review of Books

How Xi Jinping Took Control of China | The New Yorker

Making China Great Again | The New Yorker

End of an era? A history of Chinese students in America - SupChina

The Rise of Made-in-China Diplomacy | The New Yorker

Should the Right to Die Extend to People with Mental Illness? | The Walrus

[Letter from Hong Kong] Dream State, by Yi-Ling Liu | Harper's Magazine

How a Dating App Helped a Generation of Chinese Come Out of the Closet - The New York Times

Te-Ping Chen Talks About Her New Short Story 'Shanghai Murmur' - The Atlantic


A BBC Book of the Week

"A talented young observer of today’s China" – Peter Hessler

"Lyrical ... a telling portrait" – Washington Post

"Alive with the full complications of truth" – Evan Osnos

"Compelling and beautifully written" – Prospect