Alec Ash


I'm a writer and journalist living in Beijing, author of Wish Lanterns, nonfiction about young China to be published by Picador this June.

My articles have appeared in The Economist, 1843, PRI, Dissent, Prospect, Foreign Policy and elsewhere.

I also founded and edit a 'writers' colony' of stories from China, the Anthill. In 2015 we published an anthology, While We're Here.

My narrative profile of a young Tibetan featured in Chinese Characters, a book of reportage published by University of California Press in 2012.

I studied English literature at Oxford, where I edited The Isis magazine and hitchiked to Morocco, before first moving to Beijing in 2008.

In London I did literary interviews at Five Books, where I have interviewed over sixty authors including Ian McEwan and Paul Theroux.

Follow me on Twitter @alecash.